Christ for Asia


In May we started with 25 young people aged 15 – 19 years, a children and youth ministry training. It is important to us to train the young people to become child and youth workers. The following topics are part of the training: personality types, skills of a leader, group dynamics, rhetoric, preparation of devotions and Bible studies, use of media, game pedagogy, time management, dealing with conflicts and much more. After successful completion of the training units, all participants take part in an internship lasting several weeks which is evaluated at the end with the students. The highlight is the big summer camp next year, which will be prepared and carried out by participants of the training. This training should help them to take next steps in faith, to be encouraged and equipped to take responsibility. The first weeks were very interesting and it is great to see how the young people grow in their self-confidence and take further steps in faith. In the coming week we will start small house groups in the children’s home, which will then be led by the 25 young leaders under the guidance of the staff. In this way they learn at an early age to pass on their experiences in faith to the younger children. It is brilliant to see how the young people grow up and develope Leadership skills. At the end of the training all participants receive a children and youth leader card which underline that they are now able and trained to lead others.