Christ for Asia


In this picture you can see three of our Boys to get ready for their first JOB INTERVIEW. Over the past 27 years of being part of the transformation of lives of streetchildren, we have seen that the workplace and the job can be a huge opportunity, but also can be a big risk to our Boys and Girls. We want to make sure that this will be a huge opportunity! That is why three years ago we started the AFTER-CARE PROGRAM that aims to prepare our boys and girls for the workplace and also helps them to find a healthy and stable job. Reggie*, one of the three boys, graduated from our Nehemiah School of Opportunities (NSOI) and also successfully went through his Senior-High School. Through the After-Care Program we want to make sure, that all his efforts and his academic achievement will not be in vain. Through our Job Readiness Training we want to prepare him and the others to be able to stand the daily pressure in the workplace. As all of our Boys and Girls do not have an easy past, we want to make sure that they do not again face any kind exploitation. That is why we have a growing network of Business-Partners that work together with us by providing Job Opportunities for our Boys and Girls. Our Business Partners are carefully screened that they comply with all requirements as an employer. We are very blessed to have a network with different companies who do not just seek their own comfort and well-being but are committed in providing Opportunities to the less fortunate. Reggie and the two Boys have passed their Job Interview and are starting their Employment today September 10th of 2019 with a new-found Business-Partner. The Owner of the company is very willing to provide Job Opportunities to our Boys and Girls and we are blessed, because we know that this is the last step needed for full transformation. Through this new Job Opportunity, the door is open to an independent and stable life of their own. Over the next weeks and months we will continually follow up with the three boys to provide further guidance as they start their career.

Thank you for all support that makes transformation possible. Also help us to keep our Business-Partners in Prayers as they are a Door-Opener for our Boys and Girls by providing Opportunities.