Christ for Asia

2019 Summer Go Camp in Cebu

Summer Go Camp has been an Annual Event for CFAI staff and kids. Two hundred fifty (250) campers were joining, including non-CFAI campers (staff kids and relatives) for this year’s camp.

It was a two-week camp beginning May 15 to May 25, 2019 at CFAI compound for the camp phase.

The Opening Salvo was filled with dancing and singing worship songs and the word of God preached by the CFAI president Mr. Vincent P. Ozaraga.

Lectures relating to the theme “Called to Serve” were done at the CFAI social hall every morning and evening. Selected staff of CFAI were tasked before the sessions began to give their testimony of God’s faithfulness and how the Lord called them in the ministry and in service to Him. The campers were greatly encouraged and inspired to continue to listen to the voice of God.

The campers were very much excited for the camp-outreach phases that were done in neighboring barangays of CFAI compound and in prisons of Cebu City.

The biggest number of audiences and probably the most memorable outreach for campers was in Cebu Provincial Jail. Hundreds of Prisoners including jail guards witnessed the presentations showcased by the campers. Prayers, preaching, and testimonies were given to them. It was a two way blessings as the campers were very blessed seeing those individuals in prison, raising their hands as they sang Cebuano songs unto Jesus in worship and adoration.

One prisoner stated that he was very pleased when he found out that visitors were coming to have presentations because most of the time, when they were visited, it is them that will showcase dances as they were known to be World’s Dancing Inmates.

It was indeed service and discipleship.

Youth campers during the last day of the camp shared how sessions have taught them of who Jesus and who the disciples were called to.

Lastly, campers had a chance to celebrate a victory party and 21 people from the camp and the little fellowship of CFAI (Living Stones Fellowship) who’ve decided to follow Jesus and show it to the world had a water baptism.

It was a great two-week camp indeed, souls were fed, hearts were on fire again, minds were refreshed and the testimony was brought to a world in need.

In Facebook you can find some video clips and impressions from the camp. Watch them here: